The NFU at #COP21: Day One - Obama, Xi Jinping and Putin

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Today (Monday) in Paris, every record in the history of human diplomacy and negotiation is being broken.

Never before have almost 150 Heads of State got together in one room on one day. A total of 40,000 people - another record - are expected to participate in the event which runs until 11 December. Presidents and prime ministers will address the conference and the French are hoping that such high-level appearances will boost the chances of reaching a new deal.

Most of the discussions will revolve around a new agreement limiting global warming to 2oC. But assessments of the more than 180 national plans submitted by countries suggest that if they were implemented the world would see a rise of nearer to 3oC.

And farmers from all over the world are here too, aiming to put themselves heart of the debate. Farmers (or their representatives) from Canada, Paraguay, Malawi, Zambia, Germany, France, South Africa, New Zealand, Indonesia, Cambodia and India and the NFU are here as part of the World Farmers' Organisation delegation.

This morning I got the opportunity to attend the leaders event and listen to presidents Obama, Xi Jinping and Putin, along with Chancellor Merkel, talk about the importance of signing a new deal in Paris. 

Presidents Obama and Xi Jinping both referred to food production, with the former raising the spectre of "fields that won't grow" whilst the latter talked of China's support for climate smart agriculture. The US president was at his best, challenging everyone to build a "world that's worthy of our children". He left the conference with the words 'let's get to work' and that what me and my global farming friends intend to do over the next two weeks.

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