Environment Agency to review charges

Environment Agency logo_25546The Environment Agency has embarked on a comprehensive review of its charging regime.

It aims to simplify fees across a range of different schemes and to fully recover costs. Schemes within scope include environmental permitting for waste activities and IPPC, flood risk and the ‘definition of waste’ panel.

Also within scope is the extent to which agency provide free advice and the identification of new, chargeable services. 

The agency will begin informal discussions in the autumn before a full consultation. The expectation is that any changes to the charging schemes will take effect from April 2018.

The NFU will be keeping members fully informed.

  • Posted by: andrew thompsonPosted on: 14/08/2017 13:33:14

    Comment: The environment agency like all government bodies create charging structures that are complicated for any one to understand and when the final results are known are always more expensive than expected.
    The environmental permitting is one such example and when based on the opera score works out even more costly. What is an opera score. It is a made up of several factors detailing risk. The site score is based on site performance and situation. That's fine but most composting sites have a score of 40 to 100 it represents a big difference in subsistence charges.
    My subsistence charge was £2600 per year. Last year I had a administrative variation on the permit due to the Industrial emmissions directive which increased the charge to £11,100 per year. I did not pay the amount asked for. I appealed this and got a bill from them in April for £10500 which I paid. I thought they had amended the opera score and at least I did get a bit of a discount. I got a demand for payment and when I looked into this I had not been sent any credit notes. I needed a credit note for the invoice that was wrong for the previous year and for the bill sent in April. The correct invoices were sent after a direct enquiry with the EA and the difference for me to pay was £780. They had overestimated my original bill by 40%. With the new permit I am expected to inform them of more and still only get to see them once every 18 months. there has been no increase of work for them on my site since the new permit was issued. indeed as we are PAS100 they seem to let the certification body do most of the work for them and the PAS100 audit is always more thorough than the EA visit anyway. My proposal would be that where a site is certified so that they produce a product then a discount should be given to the EA fees as it is proven that they are doing the process properly.
    Kind regards Andrew Thompson 07583134218
  • Posted by: Simon KennyPosted on: 14/08/2017 14:53:32

    Comment: All this was free once upon a time, stealth tax no more no less