East Midlands members eager for Net Zero Test and Trial

Bulletin header 800_51219East Midlands members eager forNet Zero Test and Trial Workshop

The NFU’s E.L.M.S. Net Zero Test and Trial is now well underway and members in the East Midlands are preparing for their workshop in February.

With the NFU striving to achieve net zero across the whole of agriculture in England and Wales by 2040, this test and trial is aiming to test how support for net zero action on farm could fit within any future government agricultural support. See here for more information on the test and trial.

The feedback provided by members will feed into the design of E.L.M.S., helping to shape future policy and ensure schemes are farmer friendly.

The workshop participants for the East Midlands region come from across the range of sectors including arable, livestock, dairy, horticulture and poultry.

Members are looking forward to the session and are hoping to gain a greater understanding of GHG processes on their farms and how they can begin their GHG reduction journey:

Anna Seigneury, who has a mixed farm of arable and suckler cows in Lincolnshire, said:

“I’m interested in completing a GHG footprint for the farm, so it will be great to get some advice and guidance on which of the GHG calculators could work best for me. We’ve been involved in environmental schemes before and any insight into how E.L.M.S. might work in the future will also be really helpful. And are also keen to find out what taking action for net zero on-farm can actually mean in practice.”

Tracey Langton is a third-generation dairy farmer from Derbyshire with a herd of Holstein Friesians. She is also keen to attract younger farmers and new entrants into the industry through her work with the Department of Education.

“It’s a daunting but also quite exciting time with all the changes that are coming in agriculture. Net zero is an increasingly important topic to engage with. We want to learn how to farm more sustainably, but it can be difficult to know where to start so I welcome any opportunity to be involved in anything that can provide more support and guidance on how to do this.”

Leicestershire arable and poultry farmer Will Oliver said:

“Being involved in the net zero T&T workshop is a huge opportunity to gain knowledge to improve how we manage our land and increase the amount of carbon captured, to ensure our family business is moving in the right direction. Renewables are a vital part of our business already as we do all we can to produce food as efficiently as possible, whether this be ground source heat pumps to heat our poultry sheds or solar panels to supply our commercial units. We strive to produce food and protect the environment. And the two can work alongside each other.”

Northamptonshire arable farmer and Oxford Farming Conference chair Andrew Pitts said:

“By making our business more efficient and profitable, we are reducing our GHG footprint too. We’ve been making small changes in the way we farm such as rotations, cultivations, crop choices and inputs which have reduced our fuel use and emissions. I’m looking forward to taking part in the net zero T&T and helping to shape future policy.”