Talking about net zero: Cornwall and Bucks

Talking about net zero: Cornwall and Bucks_72767

Over the last month over 400 people in Cornwall and Bucks have heard all about the NFU’s net zero aspiration.

At the Cornwall Food and Farming Group conference a full house of farmers, food producers, industry advisors and local policy makers spent a day looking at how severe weather events might affect the land, food production and supply chains and how industry can work towards reducing carbon emissions to net zero. The NFU was represented by both national and regional staff.

The discussion was wide ranging – from the need to be led by science, to helping farmers understand the baseline data for their farms and to developing definitions and measurement standards. However it was also clear that definitions and standards would be subject to change as understanding of the science progresses. Two Cornish farmers, a beef and sheep farm and an all-grass dairy farm, spoke about their experiences of carbon footprinting.

Talking about net zero: Cornwall and Bucks_72768

The NFU presentation on climate change and net zero at the Bucks WI Investigation and Discovery Day generated lots of questions and comments from the need to produce food here in the UK to ensuring that vulnerable parts of the population have access to healthy food and on the importance of science and technology to ensuring a more resilient and net zero agriculture sector.  There was a lot of appreciation for the NFU’s proactive stance on tackling climate change.

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