Coming Soon: The England Peat Strategy

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Within Defra’s 25 year environment plan, a Strategy for the restoration of peatland areas in England was outlined as a priority action, with a formal plan published in 2019. 

The England Peat Strategy due to be published in the New Year will be a ‘living’ plan which has an overall aim to improve the condition of the peatlands, cut carbon emissions and deliver a slew of environmental benefits.

Defra have told the NFU that the strategy will include working with land managers in five pilot areas, and the launch of a Lowland Agricultural Peat Task Force.

The NFU secured 15 member places at a Defra workshop in November to shape the work of the Lowland Peat Task Force along with one seat on the Task Force itself.

The NFU will be working to ensure that the needs of land managers and businesses in upland and lowland peatland areas are integral to the decision making process.

Look out for updates on NFUonline and in future British Farmer & Grower editions.

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