Fed up with fly-tipping? Could you help trial a new app?


Calling all willing volunteers! The NFU is seeking volunteers interested in working with Defra’s FlyMapper project to trial a web and mobile based reporting system for fly-tipping.

The FlyMapper system is already in use in Scotland and Wales and this project is for the recording of incidents in England to gather intelligence for the better management of fly-tipping on private land.

The NFU has been calling for a single reporting mechanism to be developed so that farmers only have to report a fly-tipping incident once. Currently victims may have to report incidents to multiple authorities, which is time consuming, often confusing and frustrating. We believe that by taking part in this trial, members could help shape the development of a really useful tool.

It is vital that we get a good number of active users on board and a large number of incidents reported so Defra receives a clear and evidenced message about the scale of the fly-tipping problems NFU members are having to deal with.

To find out more about the project and please visit https://defra.flymapper.org and view the FAQs and help pages. There is also a video showing how to use the FlyMapper mobile app.

It takes a short while to register and then to download and get used to the smartphone app and so this project will probably be of most value if you are able to record multiple fly-tipping incidents of over the next few months.

To register, please follow these three steps:

  • From the home page, click on ‘Register as a new user?’ (below the ‘Login’ button).
  • Complete the required fields and select 'National Farmers’ Union' from the list
  • Read and accept terms and click the ‘Register’ button

Your registration will need to be authorised and once this is done you will be able to download the app and start recording fly-tipping incidents - as soon as the system goes live on 2nd March.

If you need further information or support, please contact Richard Griffiths, Zmx5bWFwcGVyQGVzZG0uY28udWs=

Benefits of the trial:

Defra publishes annual fly-tipping statistics, which report incidents of fly-tipping on relevant public land in England. However, this data does not reflect those incidents of fly-tipping that occur on private land, for example, farmland, woodlands, private estates etc. Data gathered through the app will therefore help build an evidence base that will be used to inform decision-making and policy interventions.

We are optimistic that use of the app in England will obtain information on the scale and nature of fly-tipping on private land. This will enable Defra and partner organisations to identify opportunities for more targeted intervention to tackle fly-tipping.

This initial pilot project will start on 1st March 2020 for a period of three months. It is designed to test the usability of the app and determine whether this is a tool that will be beneficial in the long-term.

The NFU is actively involved in combatting fly-tipping - To find out more visit our rural crime hub. 

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