Fly-tipping on your land?

The NFU is collating data on the extent of the fly-tipping problem on members' land.

fly tipping_275_206To do this we need your help. Whenever you experience fly-tipping on your own land let us know about it by completing our survey. We can't contribute towards the clear-up costs but with this data that we can encourage government to act on the issue.

We need to be able to show the extent of the problem on private land, and the impact that it has on our farmer and grower members.

The data that we collect is anonymised and sent to the government's FlyCapture database (where local authorities report fly-tipping on public land). We also use the data in our lobbying activities.

Fill in our survey

Let us know about fly-tipping on your land by completing our survey.

You can also tell us about it by calling the NFU hotline on 0870 840 0686 where an advisor will fill out the survey on your behalf.

  • Posted by: Jeremy MasonPosted on: 19/02/2016 16:51:34

    Comment: We farm in the middle of Norfolk within easy reach of two 'A' roads and within 2 miles of a travellers site..
    We experience at least one fly tip a week which can be anything from..leylandii trimmings to tyres ( up to 50 at a time ! ),gas canisters,TVs ,fridges,freezers or discarded caravans !
    The local council wants nothing to do with it even when they know whom is responsible.A National scandal the desecration of our Countryside.