NFU magazines lead on plastic reduction

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Starting with the January 2019 edition of British Farmer & Grower, each month the magazine will now be delivered in a potato starch poly bag. 

The magazine has published several articles in recent months and years about the importance of reducing the environmental impact in farming, but the NFU has only just found a viable alternative to the recyclable plastic wrapper previously used. The strategy will make BF&G more green.

The wrap is a starch-based compostable grade that contains zero levels of polythene, and it does not contain any plastic content. This means that when it breaks down there will be no micro-plastic elements remaining.

This method of packaging also removes the need for an extra sheet of A4 paper that used to carry addresses and contact details. Instead, that information is able to be printed on the bag.

The bag can be recycled by placing it in a home compost heap or a garden waste bin. It can go into a food and vegetable peeling bin.

It has been produced under the OK HOME Compost EN13432 certification approved by the EU.

Have you got any thoughts about our choice of recyclable delivery bags? Let us know. 

  • Posted by: Grace GadsbyPosted on: 25/05/2019 08:41:11

    Comment: Is the wrapper around the Farmer & Grower magazine compostable? Nothing printed on it to tell us it is ! And still a separate A4 title / address sheet!