NFU submits food waste evidence

Basket of vegetables_12343The NFU has submitted evidence into the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee inquiry into Food Waste in England.

The committee is assessing the economic, social, and environmental impact of food waste in England with a focus on consumers, the retail and hospitality sectors, and local government.

While agriculture is outside the scope, the NFU has submitted evidence due to the impact retail decisions have on agricultural food waste. Food waste is costly for the farmer and has a negative impact on the environment. Decisions made further up the supply chain by retailers and consumers can have a direct impact on food waste on-farm during harvesting and processing.

The NFU evidence focuses on the following areas:

- The impact of decisions made at retail and consumer level and their effect on food waste along the entire food supply chain, including on-farm food losses.

- The most common causes of food waste at a farm level include retailer standards, cancelled orders and over-production.

- Policy proposals to reduce food waste including altering specifications, aligning promotional campaigns to production, taking action on cancelled orders, improved forecasting and increasing the generation of data.

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  • Posted by: Vivienne TannaPosted on: 21/09/2016 10:55:29

    Comment: Despite the public claiming that they are happy to purchase less than perfect fruit and veg, the amount of produce that is getting wasted on farm is increasing year on year, because we are told by the supermarkets to only pick what the customer wants - perfect fruit because less than perfect does not sell. Are ever increasing demands on specification truly driven by the public's responses to supermarket customer research? How can the claims by the supermarkets and the general public which are at odds with each other be verified? Can the NFU get to the truth of the matter?

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