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Challenges and Choices Consultation launched

Water for life and livelihoods: Challenges and choices

Flooded river

The Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales have launched a new consultation on the challenges and choices facing the water environment.  This consultation informs the first stage in reviewing River Basin Management Plans (statutory documents under the Water Framework Directive) which were first published in 2009.

These plans will cover the period 2015-2021 and describe what businesses, water users and other organisations will need to do to protect and improve the water environment.  There is a national consultation document for England and one for each river basin district.

Significant Water Management Issues

The documents look at the "significant water management issues" in each river basin that are the likely causes for failing to achieve "good" status.  The Water Framework Directive requires all waterbodies to achieve "good" status by 2015.

Once the issues in each area are understood, Government will need to set objectives for meeting WFD "good status" after undertaking a cost benefit analysis.  The affordability of measures, and ultimately who pays, will also need to be decided by the time the updated plans are published in 2015.

Further information about river basin districts, catchments, water bodies and the river basin management planning process can be found on the EA website.

View the documents for your area

You can view the documents for your river basin district by selecting it from the list below. You will then be directed to the relevant page where you can download the documents.

Respond to the consultation

Members can respond to the consultation directly via the EA or websites.  The NFU will also be co-ordinating our responses to the consultations.  Comments can be sent to Nicola Dunn (please note the river basin district that your comments relate to in your email) for incorporation into our response.


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