NFU gives evidence to EFRA Committee inquiry

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The NFU's flood management and access policy Adviser Dr Mhari Barnes has given evidence to the EFRA Committee inquiry on the impacts of coastal flooding and erosion on British farmers and growers.

The inquiry was spurred by recent climate change reports which suggest that sea levels are rising due to melting ice sheets and glaciers, and the physical expansion of the water as it warms is broadly thought to be due to climate change and the warming atmosphere.

The main impacts coastal erosion and flooding has on food and farming were laid in front of the EFRA Committee. Along with the requirement for transparent discussions and adequate funding to tackle the coastal flood and erosion risk that we face today and in the future.

Key points:

  • The NFU has made clear the urgent requirement to move away from the idea that agricultural land is something that can be sacrificed at the expense of a farmer/landowner for the protection of urban areas without the provision of reasonable compensation.
  • Agricultural land is an irreplaceable national asset, not just for the provision of food but the other public goods it provides.
  • There needs to be transparent and fair discussions over the withdrawal of maintenance of flood defence assets from the outset.

We will keep you updated with the outcomes of the EFRA Committee inquiry once it has been published.

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