CFE is active in Shropshire

Campaign for the Farmed Environment is active in Shropshire

brown hare_800_600Watercourse protection and sustaining farmland biodiversity were some of the key issues discussed at the Campaign for the Farmed Environment’s (CFE) first meeting of the Shropshire Local Liaison Group held on 16th January.  This national farmer led voluntary initiative is encouraging farmers and land managers across England to protect and enhance the environmental value of farmland, through measures that sit alongside productive agriculture.

During the meeting, a range of issues were discussed including the delivery of best practice advice to Shropshire farmers concerning the management of soils, fertilisers and pesticides with a view to running targeted advisory workshops.  The topic of sustaining farmland biodiversity was also debated and the current complications caused by a lack of clarity on the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy.  It was agreed CFE should be involved with organising workshops for farmers with expiring Environmental Sensitive Areas and Countryside Stewardship Scheme agreements to provide guidance on the Entry Level Stewardship scheme application process.  Assisting these farmers prepare high environmental value schemes was considered to be of high importance in helping to sustain farmland biodiversity.  Organising best practice establishment and management workshops for farmers with wildflower pollen and nectar mixtures and wild bird seed mixtures was also considered desirable to secure maximum environmental gain for wildlife.

Kate Mayne Shropshire CFE farmer chair said “CFE is about farmers taking the lead on environmental issues in the countryside and working with our partners in the campaign to get the best results.  Modern agriculture is about producing quality food & green energy whilst sustaining wildlife in the countryside for the benefit of everyone”.

The Campaign is supported by many organisations engaged in agriculture and the environment including the NFU, CLA, SWT, RSPB, NE, EA and LEAF.  For further information on the CFE and how you can contribute to this voluntary initiative visit or contact Chris Seabridge the Shropshire CFE coordinator on 01785 710564 email: Y2hyaXMuc2VhYnJpZGdlQGNmZW9ubGluZS5vcmcudWs=.

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