NFU position on foxhunting

NFU director of policy, Andrew Clark, said: “The NFU has no policy position on fox-hunting. Our position has always been that it is for individual farming members to decide what happens on their land.
“The NFU works very closely with its members on issues and understands the need for farmers to control foxes on their land, particularly during the lambing season. As such, we believe that farmers should have access to the right tools which enable them to control any pest on their farms, including foxes.
“We have seen that some organisations have tried to link the fox-hunting debate to the current badger cull pilots. We would like to make clear that these are two very separate issues. The NFU supports the badger culls as part of a government 25-year strategy to eradicate bovine TB, to help prevent it from spreading further across the country and to halt its crippling impact on farming businesses where the disease is currently endemic.”

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