NFU response to Times letter on hedgehog decline

Hedgehog by Steve Heliczer_18716

Reacting to a letter in The Times from the weekend, entitled “Hedges and hogs”, NFU environment forum chairman, Mark Pope, said: "Farmers manage 70% of the nation’s iconic landscape and have gone to great lengths, through voluntary schemes such as the Campaign for the Farmed Environment, to protect and enhance millions of hectares of British countryside, alongside productive agriculture.”

“Over the past few decades 10,000 football pitches worth of flower habitat, creating homes for wildlife have been planted while more than 30,000km of hedgerows have been planted or restored by farmers providing shelter and food for a range of wildlife such as hedgehogs.”

“In terms of any future agricultural policy, we need a framework that allows farming to continue to deliver for the environment but also to be productive and to manage volatility.”

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