Championing the Farmed Environment

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Farmers care for the land they farm and know that a healthy environment is essential for sustainable farming.

The Championing the Farmed Environment partnership aims to pull together the huge amount of work that farmers and land managers already do to encourage wildlife, to benefit soil and water resources and to support farmland birds.

The CFE encourages voluntary management that will benefit the environment, while ensuring efficient and profitable food production.

A true partnership approach, the CFE is supported by many organisations committed to both agriculture and the environment. The partners recognise the importance of managing the farmed environment.

The partnership also collaborates with other voluntary industry-led initiatives such as the Greenhouse Gas Action Plan, Tried & Tested and The Voluntary Initiative to demonstrate how the industry collectively takes responsibility for achieving environmental benefit alongside profitable farming.

The CFE recently marked its 10th anniversary; details on its history can be found here.

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