Member guide: When should I complete the new BPS payment issue form?

Farmer on laptop_7664The RPA has developed a new way to deal with unreported BPS 2015/2016 payment issues, which includes an enquiry form for farmers to complete and send to the agency.

The RPA will again make post-payment adjustments for known problems, or to address farmers who are concerned with the payment received to-date. More staff have been trained to handle such PPA investigations. NFU members can find out more by reading our briefing, here.

When to complete the new form…

The RPA only wants farmers to complete the enquiry form if they have not yet raised a concern. In most instances this will be related to BPS 2016. If a farmer is in the formal complaints process or has raised concerns before that should already be logged with the RPA.

Furthermore, the RPA says you should only fill in the new enquiry form once a review of the claim statement and check of relevant scheme guidance has taken place. Also referring to the copy of the claim submitted is critical. Clearly if these sources of information do not help, then contacting the RPA is the obvious way forward to get answers needed.

What the NFU and RPA do not want is duplication of queries in the system, by those with historical logged concerns now filling out the new enquiry form.  However, clearly, if there is doubt that the RPA has a case on their radar, then this new form would be a way forward.

NFU members can find out more by reading our briefing, here.

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