Reminder - check your leased BPS entitlements

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Ahead of the 2021 BPS year, make sure you take the time to check what BPS entitlements you currently hold and what you might need for 2021.

This can be done by logging onto Rural Payments Online, and clicking ‘view entitlements’ on the business overview page. You can look back every year until 2015, viewing the amount of entitlements that have been used/unused each year and whether any have been leased or lost to the National Reserve.

While doing this, it is the ideal time to double check that all you personal details are up to date. Read our briefing here to find out why you need to check your personal details now.

It is important to note that any leased entitlements will automatically return to the lessor at the end of the lease period.

You will not receive any contact from RPA informing you that the lease has ended and the entitlements have been returned.

The lessor can notify RPA if they wish to end the lease early or extend the lease, this can be done by letter or email.

The lessee is only able to end the lease early, which can be done by notifying RPA by letter or email.

We have seen cases in the past where farmers have not picked up that leased in entitlements have been automatically returned to the lessor at the end of the lease.

This has lead to a situation where the following BPS payment is less than planned, due to the fact that the number of entitlements held are less than expected, as the returned leased entitlements are not held by the claiming farmer.

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