NFU writes to banks calling for continued support

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NFU Deputy President Guy Smith, as the Chair of the Banking Forum, has written to all banks to ask for their support as many farmers face the effects of the dry, hot weather on yields and fodder supplies

In his letter the Deputy President explains the impact of the prolonged period without rain on farming businesses and emphasises the need for support in managing cash flows.

Livestock and dairy - the letter explains the detrimental effect from lack of grass growth and the impact of using fodder supplies usually reserved for the winter months.

Harvest and yield - the letter sets out the adverse affect the hot, dry weather has had on the quality of this year's crops and the yield. 

Farming businesses - the letter highlights the cost pressures and financial implications from the latest weather events and the effect on farm gate prices.

The NFU’s engagements with organisations such as banks are a central part of representing the interests of our members, and continuing to work towards a productive and competitive farming sector.

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