Briefing: wind power in agriculture

Wind power is still one of the fastest-growing land-based renewable energy resources available to agriculture, for self-supply and for export of energy services to others. This NFU briefing document has been updated to reflect recent policy developments and progress in deployment. Of the 8000 megawatts of onshore wind power installed in the UK by 2015, about 200-300 MW is thought to be in the form of farmer-owned turbines - a figure which could grow to as much as 1000 MW by 2025.

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Growers and processors of food have a long history of harnessing the wind – from the first English mill around 1200 to a 19th-century peak of about 10,000 windmills across Britain. Although modern wind turbines have probably attracted more controversy than most other clean energy technologies, they have become a familiar part of the 21st-century British landscape, making a significant contribution to energy security and national renewable energy targets.

Download the NFU wind power briefing using the link below.

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