NFU Energy warning about scam calls from energy brokers

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The NFU has become aware that some members have received unsolicited scam calls from a broker pretending to be representing NFU Energy.

Brokers can be very persistent in trying to get customers to agree to a verbal contract over the phone. They use pressure tactics to their advantage resulting in some customers agreeing to unfavourable contracts with very poor rates.

Anybody who answers the phone is a potential target, so it is important to ensure that all members of your household are aware of what to look out for.

Above all, remember that if somebody is pushing you to agree to prices that you did not ask for over the phone, end the call.

NFU Energy has provided advice to help you avoid being caught out - click here to read more at the NFU Energy website.

Are verbal contracts legal?

Most energy suppliers accept verbal contracts and even provide brokers with templates to use. They are legal and can be useful. Unfortunately, as with many things, they’re open to abuse with some brokers misleading customers, getting them to agree to a contract they didn’t realise they were accepting.

Will it be clear that I’m entering a binding agreement?

Technically it should be made clear to you. However, some of the less reputable brokers may not say things clearly or say things at such a speed that it is not always clear. Often, they will read a passage of information with certain binding sections where you simply have to say ‘yes’ or ‘ok’ so avoid saying anything along these lines unless you’re certain it’s genuine. It is not always obvious that they are doing this, so it is important that you listen to everything being said as you could easily fall into a trap. If you have any doubts, ask them to send you the information in writing or simply terminate the call.

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