Your shout: Changes to Renewables Obligation

UPDATE 1/9/15: The NFU has now responded to this DECC consultation. Members can read our submission here (you'll need to log-in).


The Department of Energy and Climate Change is consulting on the early closure of the Renewables Obligation to new solar projects up to 5 MW capacity, to apply from April 2016.

Solar panelsWhile we respect the government's case, the NFU does not believe this is justified by the very modest cost of solar deployment under the RO (compared with the cost of other technologies under the RO, or solar under other support schemes).

NFU members can read our draft consultation submission here.

In particular, we disagree with removing RO support from large rooftop schemes, which the government has made a policy priority, given the more modest support available from Feed-in Tariffs and the present uncertainty on the future of FITs.

The proposed end to 'grandfathered' guaranteed support rates from 22nd July is tantamount to a retrospective change in support for projects with significant sunk costs, and it will increase the cost of finance.

This six-week consultation closes on 2nd September. Read the government's consultation document here (opens in a new window).

Please download and read our draft response below, and send any comments or suggestions to am9uYXRoYW4uc2N1cmxvY2tAbmZ1Lm9yZy51aw== before 28th August.

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  • Posted by: George RidgePosted on: 21/08/2015 09:14:30

    Comment: The closure and limitation of these renewable energy schemes is extremely shortsighted of the Government and will in the long run cost us dear.
  • Posted by: Eric StephensonPosted on: 19/09/2015 00:35:25

    Comment: I have written to my MP, Grahame Morris, who wholeheartedly agrees that this government is hypocritically and prematurely abandoning its commitment to 'green' renewable energy. He thinks that the sudden drastic tariff reduction should have been over a much longer period to allow investors time to change.
  • Posted by: A.M.StoddartPosted on: 23/09/2015 10:32:12

    Comment: It must be a backward step to stop encouragement of any alternative source of energy,especially now that it is an up and coming industry with a skilled labour force providing employment. It is also a valuable alternative enterprise that Agriculture can use to supplement dwindling income.

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