Your shout: Consultation on grid connections

The government energy regulator Ofgem is consulting on the subject of 'quicker and more efficient distribution connections'.

NFU logo on whiteThe NFU has now submitted its response Read the consultation here (opens in a new window). If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact am9uYXRoYW4uc2N1cmxvY2tAbmZ1Lm9yZy51aw==

Pylon in field_275_412The consultation offers a  particularly timely opportunity following the announcement last month by local network operator, Western Power Distribution, that capacity problems on the high-voltage transmission network near Bristol will make much of the NFU South West region (i.e. Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and parts of Dorset) subject to three to six-year delays for renewable generation connections.

It is most important that NFU members understand what technical options are becoming available, including export limiters and storage batteries, so we are taking the opportunity to express our concerns that the grid connection process appears to be getting "slower and less efficient" from the point of view of small-scale generators.

The consultation questions are quite technical, but we will take the opportunity to comment upon:

  • creating new network capacity in anticipation of future connection requirements
  • finding smart ways to reduce the need for additional capacity, thereby speeding up the process
  • more flexible connection terms which could lessen the initial cost burden falling upon some customers.


Farm Power logo_170_112

The NFU is also supporting a joint consultation response from the Farm Power project, coordinated by Forum for the Future

Farm Power is collecting evidence to build the case for making it easier and faster to connect to the grid.  If you have struggled with grid connections for your renewables project, please do consider filling in this survey before 15th May. Data collected will be treated as confidential and anonymized in the joint consultation response, unless you indicate otherwise.


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  • Posted by: Jean TurnerPosted on: 04/05/2015 09:51:33

    Comment: The major hardwiring, infrastructure providers in the electricity industry had plenty of time to get their industry in order and up to date up to ten years before the increased demand. They often worked from mapping systems which were so old they were inaccurate; there was a general reluctance to face the demands which would come.
    Yet again, they are squealing and bleating about a state of affairs for which they could have been better prepared. They have themselves to blame for ignoring the changes in demand , technically and economically.
    We have to share in this blame. It is a mistake to privatise utilities as the two major parties have. We are all made to suffer the results.

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