Safe Cattle Handling

TB testing results with Shropshire beef farmer, MeAround 6 people are killed every year due to livestock related injuries, cattle being the primary culprit.

The Farm Safety Partnership is keen to tackle this issue head-on, and are developing a campaign to raise awareness of the dangers associated with handling cattle, and to try and influence farmers when it comes to choosing safer cattle handling techniques.

TB testing in Shropshire, Mervin Mullard?s farm_27There is already a wealth of information available on safe cattle handling from a range of sources. Some of the links to these documents can be found below.

Farm Safety Partnership- Are you handling your cattle safely?

HSE guidance and information on handling livestock

EBLEX's Manual "Improving cattle handling for better returns"

Similarly, there are a number of video-based case studies that really highlight the importance of safe cattle handling, emphasising the harrowing, painful and costly implications that an accident of this nature can have on the farm.

HSA Survivor Stories (Episode 1) - Bull Attack

HSA Survivor Stories (Episode 5) - Cow Attack

HSA Survivor Stories (Episode 7) - Bull Attack

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