CAP coalition: Our industry allies

The NFU, CLA and TFA launched a Fair Deal for English Farmers campaign at its 2013 conference.

NFU conference 2013 - CAP reform workshop_275_177Since then, more and more organisations have come forward to support the simple message:

"English farmers should not be treated unfairly by our Government by imposing more stringent environmental conditions on them, or in facing bigger budget cuts than our main competitors. The coalition has formed to ensure that our farmers are in a position where they can compete fairly on a more level EU playing field."

:: Show your support by tweeting using the hashtag #fairdeal

More are joining every day... here’s the list so far:


CAP coalition_600_2143



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NFU members: Have your say

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  • Posted by: William RuncimanPosted on: 16/05/2013 10:16:07

    Comment: I wouldlike to see all agricultural support payments eliminated, provided we are allowed to compete on a level playing field for a fair return. At present we have the worst of all worlds by disadvantaging english farmers even against other british farmers. We must have a level playing field across europe not just britain.Everything including modulation must be even!
  • Posted by: Sue FlowerPosted on: 29/05/2013 21:20:31

    Comment: I fully agree with this campagn but it need to gain momentum faster this is the first I knew of it

    All the corn firms, vets, dairies, tractor and machinery dealers, livestock auctions and all other business that trade with Farmers need to get behind it

  • Posted by: Jason RutherfordPosted on: 27/06/2013 23:02:05

    Comment: If some countries are allowed to adopt measures that are classed as state aids or discriminate against farmers in one area of the EU. I think the NFU should challenge this in the European Court of Justice. The ECJ will always interpret whatever is in the relevant treaty to promote 'ever closer union between member states'.

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