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How is the NFU working for you on future farm support administration?

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The NFU is in regular contact and working on many fronts when it comes to the government’s approach to future farm support. This goes beyond the headline scheme of the Environmental Land Management scheme (ELMs).

Recently, a team from across the NFU's key policy areas fed into Defra’s work around the administration of the following schemes that are in development:

  • ELMs national pilot
  • Productivity grants
  • Tree health
  • Countryside Stewardship 2022

The areas that were fed back into Defra came under the following headings, and the feedback provided was based on what the NFU has received from members over recent years on their experiences of existing schemes.

In the coming months, we are expecting a further formal consultation on Defra’s approach to Regulation and Enforcement for the longer term, which will have its sights on ELMs and other developments, such as the Animal Health and Welfare pathway. Please watch out for more information on this in the coming months.

Here are the key NFU concerns raised with Defra:

Publishing of payment details

The NFU does not object to the