Driver killed after contact with an overhead power

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Tragically a driver using a tipping trailer was killed after the raised trailer of his vehicle came into contact with overhead power lines.

Farmers and those visiting farms must cooperate and share information to ensure that visiting workers such as delivery drivers and contractors are made aware of site risks and features. In particular work should be planned to avoid proximity to OHPLs and visitors should be made aware of their location on the farm, and what to do if they contact the line.

For premises where overhead power lines are present it is good practice for the occupier to have ready access to emergency numbers, such as the Network Operating company who manage the power lines and substations that bring electrify into homes and businesses. Remember that emergency situations can be reported using the new 105 number as well. If there is an immediate serious risk to yourself or others also call the emergency services.

Further guidance on safe deliveries to farms and electricity can be found on the Farm Safety Partnership website. HSE guidance for safety with electricity can be found on the agriculture micro site contact with OHPLs including AIS 8 working safely near overhead electricity power lines. The Energy Networks Association (ENA) has also produced some guidance on safety for farmers & agricultural contractors.

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