How to help the fire service access on-farm water supplies

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If a fire breaks out in field or farm and the fire service attends, access to water supplies to supplement water carried on fire engines could be vital.

Many farms will have water stored in bowsers and water tanks but using these supplies to fill up fire engines which have exhausted on-board supplies is not straightforward. The outlet fittings on bowsers and farm water tanks are often not compatible with the inlet fittings on fire engines. Fire engine inlets are commonly 70mm standard instantaneous couplings, but farm bowsers use very different 2 inch cam lock couplings.

Rhonda Thompson, NFU Lincolnshire county adviser, is working with the Louth Fire Service and Lincolnshire Fire Services to overcome this problem. Trials of a connector coupling are planned to take place in the Louth area later in the summer by the Fire Service with members from the Louth and Alford branches.

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Above: 8,000 litre dam showing inlet fitting

One very practical solution which can help make water available to the fire service in an emergency is for farmers to have equipment to hand to make an improvised dam. An improvised dam can be used to collect water discharged from a bowser or tank for a fire engine to then draw on.

Fire engines are likely to carry ladders and tarpaulins but it could be very useful and a life saver for farmers to have additional equipment to hand just in case.

How to make an improvised dam

You can make an improvised dam from three sections of ladder, a tarpaulin and rope as follows. Alternatively, bales could be used to construct a structure to support a tarpaulin.

Step 1: Lay the ladders on their sides, interlinked in a triangular formation.

Step 2: Lash the sections of ladder together.

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Step 3: Place a tarpaulin (referred to as a salvage sheet by the fire service) over the ladders and lash taut.

Step 4: Fill with water. You can make the structure more effective by raising the ladders off the ground.

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