HSE work at height guidance revamped

Installing solar panels_275_412The Health and Safety executive (HSE) has overhauled its guidance relating to work at height to make it easier for employers and employees to understand what the law requires of them when working at height.

Read the full guidance here

The review is as a result of The Red Tape Challenge; a government consultation, which the NFU responded to, which called for over 3000 regulations to be scrapped and asked for greater clarity on guidance for many others.

The HSE hopes that the new guidance is easier to follow and:

  • provides simple advice about dos and don’ts when working at height to ensure people are clear on what the law requires
  • busting some of the persistent myths about health and safety law, such as the banning of ladders when they can still be used
  • offering targeted advice to helping business in different sectors manage serious risks sensibly and proportionately
  • helping workers to be clearer about their own responsibilities for working safely.

Make sure you know the do's and don'ts

Falls from heightare one of the major causes of accidents in agriculture and accounted for eight deaths in agriculture last year. The HSE estimates that one million British businesses and 10 million workers carry out jobs involving some sort of work at height. There are also many myths surrounding the advice on working at height, make sure you know what is fact and fiction.

Read the full guidance here


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