Safe Stop

Safe Stop Campaign sticker_200_200On 1st October 2013, the Farm Safety Partnership launched the 'Safe Stop' Campaign which aims to draw attention to the importance of the following principles:

  • Engage handbrake
  • Controls in neutral
  • Switch off engine
  • Remove key

In the last decade, nearly 40 farm machinery operators have been killed when they were run over by their own vehicle after leaving the cab without applying a working handbrake. Around 30 people were also killed by becoming entangled in machinery and many more seriously injured. 80% of these occurred when carrying out adjustments while the machinery was left running.

Thisawareness initiative is offered to farmers upon receipt of new or second hand machinery from BAGMA-approved dealerships as part of their HSE-approved accredited installation scheme. This handover will include training the importance of complying with the full ‘Safe Stop’ procedure: handbrake on; controls in neutral; engine off; and keys out. This message will be re-inforced withthe use of a series of campaign stickers in strategic locations on the vehicle which are designed to act as a visual reminder of this training, long after the dealer has left the farm premises.

Safe Stop Handbrake Sticker_200_200Safe Stop Controls in Neutral Sticker_200_200Safe Stop Engine Off Sticker_200_200Safe Stop Keys out Sticker_200_199

If you would like to be a 'Safe Stop Ambassador' by sharing your story and advocating the importance of doing the 'Safe Stop', please contact us using this online form.

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  • Posted by: Thomas BarstowPosted on: 08/08/2016 19:59:37

    Comment: Im a plant instructor and teach the "Safe Stop" method. Do you have any sticker that I could hand out while im training.


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