NFU confirms appointment of its Legal Panel firms

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The NFU has confirmed the appointment of its Legal Panel firms after an intensive six-month review, with fifteen of its original members set to continue to serve on the panel

The Legal Panel, which was originally appointed in its current format in May 2008, is reviewed every three years. Each review considers the firms’ legal services, fee structures and commitment to the organisation and its members, as well as feedback from NFU members and staff.

NFU director of finance and business services Ken Sutherland said: “The Legal Panel is a vital part of the services offered to NFU members, and following a rigorous and robust review process I am delighted to confirm that fifteen firms have been reappointed.

“The firms have built upon and strengthened their agricultural and rural teams, and their professionalism and depth of knowledge is second-to-none.”

Chairman of the Legal Board Trevor Foss added: “The increase in regulation in the industry over the past few years has put the Legal Panel in high demand and we are committed to delivering a high quality service for all.  

“The reappointments will serve to strengthen the bond between the NFU, the LAS and the panel solicitors, which together delivers tangible benefits for all NFU members and LAS subscribers.”

Legal Panel firms by region:

  • East Anglia: Tees, Hewitsons LLP
  • East Midlands: Wilkin Chapman LLP, Bowcock Cuerden LLP, Josiah Hincks
  • North East: Jacksons Law Firm, Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors LLP
  • North West: Napthens Solicitors, Bowcock, Cuerden LLP
  • South East: Thrings LLP
  • South West: Clarke Willmott LLP, Foot Anstey LLP
  • Wales: JCP Solicitors Ltd, Allington Hughes Law
  • West Midlands: Lanyon Bowdler, Shakespeare Martineau

  1. The Panel Firms offer a 12.5% discount to F&G members for work relating to their F&G business
  2. The Panel Firms deliver the NFU Contract Checking Service to members