Drop the Duty Campaign

Drop the duty

The Wine & Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) are currently running a campaign calling for a 2% cut in duty on all alcohol products in the 2015 Budget.

They have set out an economic case for this suggesting that it could unlock over £3bn in economic activity and £1.1bn of additional tax income. They have also suggested this would bring real benefits to a range of stakeholders, including the farming community.

As many of our members supply to the drinks industry we believe this campaign could well be of interest to members. You can find out more about the case the WSTA are making and their campaign on their web site. If you want to support the WSTA campaign they would like as many people as possible to email their MP and are providing a template email to enable you to do so.

The WSTA say that last year, 3,000 emails sent to MPs helped persuade the Chancellor to scrap the Alcohol Duty Escalator, which imposed an automatic year-on-year hike of 2% above inflation. This year they have an email target of 10,000 for the “Drop the Duty” campaign.