Help with your January 2015 tax bill

Briefing note for NFU members affected by the dairy price cuts on the steps they can take to try to reduce their January tax payment and arrange instalment payments.

Please act now and if you are unable to pay in full then it's best to contact HMRC before the 31 January due date.

We have also spoken with the HMRC Business Payment Support Service so they are aware of the issues for dairy farmers.

:: Members, download our Help with your January tax bill briefing here along with the relevant form from the HMRC (Self Assessment claim to reduce payments on account) here

  • Posted by: Peter MartinPosted on: 23/12/2015 03:32:09

    Comment: I've read so much about crippling tax bills for Dairy farmers, but what exactly are the amounts of tax a typical Dairy farmer has to pay annually in the UK?