Red Diesel - Call for evidence

red diesel, fuel, machinery_38342In the spring budget the Government made a call for evidence to help it gain a greater understanding and more information on the end users of red diesel and also on the geographical spread of the use of red diesel.

The Government believes that consumption of red diesel in agriculture has declined and that the use of alternative fuels has increased.

A copy of the call for evidence document is available here.

For users of red diesel the Government has the following questions:

  • What purposes and type of use is red diesel put to, such as business, public sector or domestic?
  • Where red diesel is used as motor fuel what types of machinery is it used to power and what are the machines used for?
  • Where in the country is red diesel used and how many machines it is used to power?
  • What are opinions on whether there are any alternatives to red diesel.

The NFU will be responding to the call for evidence and would like to hear your opinions.

Please send your comments here.

  • Posted by: DanniAgroPosted on: 09/05/2017 14:38:36

    Comment: As a farmer myself, am slightly worried that the real message is "farmers are using less red diesel now and we can get rid of the duty rebate and make more money".
  • Posted by: David RandolphPosted on: 19/06/2017 08:52:25

    Comment: I use red diesel in my two tractors for work on the farm. I do not use red diesel for any other purpose.