Get involved with further consultation on apprenticeship standards

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The Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education recently held a consultation on a review of Agriculture, Environment and Animal Care apprenticeships, which included Stockperson apprenticeship standards.

As a follow up to the request for written responses, IFATE are now setting up regional meetings to facilitate further consultation and review, which members can get involved in.

Find out when consultations are taking place near you and how you can take part:

Sparsholt (South East)

Devon (South West)

Moulton (East Midlands)

Askham Bryan (North)

Reaseheath College (West Midlands)

Which roles are covered in the review?

The roles under review include the new Stockperson trailblazer standard which the NFU helped to develop and the Occupation Map for the Agriculture, Environment and Animal Care route which covers Agriculture and Horticulture. The map is maintained by the Institute and shows apprenticeship standards that already exist and ones that the Institute recognise as not yet existing but needing development.

Why is this important?

As it is harder to develop new standards if they are not on the map, it is important that the map that comes out of this review reflects industry needs.

The current map has been criticised by some within the agricultural and horticulture industry, so this is a great opportunity to ensure the map is better suited to industry needs in future.

Likewise, to ensure the industry retains the new trailblazer standard, positive feedback will be important. As NFU members, you can help by adding the weight of your voice to the debate and helping influence what options are open to agricultural and horticultural apprentices in the future.

So, if you would like to be involved, please go online now using the links above and register!