New fuel marker dye from 1st April 2015

The UK and Irish governments are to bring in a new product to mark red diesel (green diesel in Ireland) in an attempt to help reduce illegal fuel laundering from the 1st April 2015.

Fuel tank_275_183The dye will also be used for marking kerosene primarily used for heating purposes.

The new marker will make rebated fuel much harder for fraudsters to ‘launder’ (i.e. remove the marker from it) and sell on at a profit. Launderers filter the fuel through chemicals or acids to remove the government marker. The chemicals and acids remain in the fuel and can damage fuel pumps in diesel cars.

New tractor_183_275The marker will be produced by the Dow Chemical Company. The government believes the chosen marker has proved to be significantly more resistant to known laundering techniques. It will be implemented in consultation with the oil industry and other affected sectors and will be used alongside the current marker mix.

The NFU welcomes the move to a more resistant dye to help protect the legitimate use of rebated fuel by the agricultural industry. The move to a more resistant dye could also help to reduce fuel thefts from farms.

Members can read more about the activities and vehicles that red diesel can be used in here.

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  • Posted by: Simon KennyPosted on: 04/09/2014 17:35:34

    Comment: We should always point out that it is not only the Agricultural Industry that benefits from rebated fuel, Mining, Rail and the Construction industries being but three and it might be in an interesting bit of research to find out just what percentage of rebated fuel is used by the agricultural industry, it may not be as high as you think, particularly when the mineral extraction industry is included, from what I remember around Stoneleigh at one time there where a lot of private haul roads for that very reason.

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