What is Project EDWARD?

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Project EDWARD (Every Day Without A Road Death) is a week long campaign, starting on Monday 14 September with a focus on driving for work.

There are an estimated 20 million vehicles used for work, including the use of personal cars, meaning that the odds of being involved in an injury collision during the year are just 1 in 500. In 2018, there were approximately 42,000 deaths and injuries involving someone who was driving for work at the time. However, 82 % of those deaths and injuries were other road users, often vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.

The week-long campaign will feature a roadshow of videos, tips and information, making visits all across the UK. There will be daily focusses on safer drivers, safer journeys, driver wellbeing, safer vehicles and better businesses. More information about the roadshow and where you can get involved can be found here.

Towing for work

Police forces across the UK will also be taking the opportunity to pay particular attention to the following areas:

  • Speed
  • Maintenance
  • Fatigue
  • Loading
  • Driver behaviour
  • Towing for work

Towing for work is a big part of farming businesses, therefore it is important that trailers and towed machinery are maintained and used correctly. Compliance checks commonly reveal offences including incorrect hitching, no emergency brake cable, insecure loads and overloading, unlicensed drivers and misuse of red diesel.

We have produced a Farm Vehicle Health Check guide, to help farm equipment comply with the law and conduct checks and maintenance. The guide includes a vehicle health check form and a general trailed appliance health check form.

Many agricultural vehicle dealers offer a brake test service and details of participating dealers is available here, or via the BAGMA website. Tilly Your Trailer campaigns to help with trailer maintenance and use. Find out more here.

The Project EDWARD campaign is delivered by Police forces across the UK, Highway England's 'Driving for Better Business' campaign, the Association of Road Risk Management (ARRM) and the charity TyreSafe.

Remember, vehicles and trailers must be roadworthy and meet minimum standards every time they go on road.

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