Tractor and trailer weights and speeds changes

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New regulations on tractor and trailer weights and speeds are now in force.

The changes follow years of NFU lobbying and were described by us as 'a step in the right direction' when they were announced in October 2014.

NFU transport spokesperson John Collen said: “The date given for the new speed and weight limits to take effect is helpful for farmers – early March means it’s in time for busy periods such as silage and hay making and harvest.

"We have lobbied for the implementation of these new limits to be as timely as possible since they were announced in October 2014.

“We are pleased to see that DfT recognises that the current limits are outdated and they are considering further increases, and we welcome the opportunity for continued negotiation of enhanced limits for harvest in 2016.”

  • Posted by: Sue GoddardPosted on: 06/03/2015 15:15:17

    Comment: Was interested to see the article on new weights but failed to find anything specific to tractors and trailers on DfT website - where do we go to get
  • Posted by: Richard MasonPosted on: 09/03/2015 11:01:23

    Comment: This will mean more gateways are trashed by huge rigs that dont fit in them or down country lanes and also lead to even more abuse of red diesel laws. Roads will be wrecked and dangerous due to mud. This is a huge backwards step as larger equipment already does not fit down country lanes. NFU guilty of not looking from both sides of the fence!

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