Coastal Path Update - September 2015

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The Coalition Government announced in 2014 a commitment to delivering the Coastal Path route by the end of 2020. To achieve this Natural England anticipate that it will need to have, at least, started the process for determining the route on all stretches in England by April 2017. The process for determining each stretch is outlined in the briefing below.

The latest information regarding the progress of each stretch of the route can be found on the Natural England website. Scroll to the region then select the length you are interested in. This will then show you what stage that stretch is currently in if work has started (the site is updated regularly). If your land is on a coastal stretch currently in Stage 2 – Development and you have not heard from Natural England contact them using the details contained in the briefing below. 

An update briefing is available here...

  • Posted by: Paul WoodfordPosted on: 12/02/2016 17:09:27

    Comment: The Coastal Path is no more than a state land grab more akin to an African Dictator than and elected government. Its noticeable they only want to take from farmers / large landowners. When the path gets to a "private/householder" it stops, farmers are an easy target!

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