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rural planning, architect, blueprint, plan, building_33928You have received your planning permission, so why do you now have to clear planning conditions before you can start work?

Many farmers are frustrated by the pre-commencement planning conditions they find attached to their planning permission. These conditions can mean additional information has to be sent to the local planning authority before building work can start. Such pre-commencement conditions can delay projects and take weeks to be cleared as well as adding cost to a farm project.

The government is consulting on possible changes to pre-commencement planning conditions, which it could then alter through the new Neighbourhood Planning Bill. They are suggesting that pre-commencement conditions can only be used when the planning applicant (person applying for planning permission) agrees.

The government has suggested they would prefer for the local authority and planning applicant to agree which planning conditions are needed.  The downside being if they cannot agree, planning permission could be refused.

The NFU would welcome YOUR views on how the rules should change:

  • Have pre-commencement planning conditions helped or delayed your project?
  • Would a new system of agreeing conditions with their planning authority would work?
  • How much time should be spent agreeing conditions?
  • Should some conditions, such as those seeking to prevent flooding still continue to be imposed on a planning application?

Please send us your thoughts by emailing us here by the end of October. You can read more about the consultation here. Read more government guidance on planning conditions here.

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