Countryside Productivity - Small Grants - We want your views

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The NFU is seeking feedback on areas of the Countryside Productivity Small Grants Scheme with a view to implementing improvements for Round 2 of applications. 


Since early 2018 NFU members up and down the country have looked into and applied for rural development monies under the Countryside Productivity Small Grants Scheme.  

During this time the NFU has been proactively involved with this scheme and we have received a number of comments from members about it.

In addition, the NFU has been involved in lobbying on improvements for Round 2 of this scheme. Round 2 is confirmed as going ahead in early 2019 following a DEFRA statement on 12 October.

While the scope of Round 2 has been challenged by the NFU in terms of the list of eligible items and we have an achieved acceptance from DEFRA that the Round 1 list should be extended, we would still like to hear from NFU members on where improvements can be made to the process and implementation of the scheme for Round 2.

Submitting feedback

We are seeking both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ feedback on the scheme as this will help us in raising member concerns with the RPA and DEFRA.

For example, opinions on the following areas:

  • Scheme guidance
  • Process steps (application / agreement confirmation / 150 day spend limit / claiming your grant)
  • Support given by the RPA to your concerns
  • What was easy / straightforward?
  • What could be improved?  

Please send your feedback on the Countryside Productivity Small Grants scheme to [email protected] by Monday 3 December.