Know your drones? Read our member Q&A

Drone over farmland_20075Drones are rapidly becoming commonplace in the countryside.

And as their usage increases, so too do the opportunities and problems associated with them. There are a lot of questions about using drones and the answers are often far from clear. With that in mind we’ve put together a Q&A to help with some of the most common queries.

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  • Posted by: Malcolm MetcalfePosted on: 06/04/2017 16:45:58

    Comment: The very nature of these machines enables the evil (or careless) to carry out long range acts of mischief resulting in injury or death of people or animals. There must be electronic controls to ensure that at the very least offenders will be identified. Most other lethal machines need a licence - if this was put to the gov. as a moneymaker we might get some action!

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