NFU tackles poaching and fish theft

Poaching can lead to a number of animal welfare issues, serious loss of income from illegal taking of game and fish and the damage which many poachers do to crops and land.

GateIn this month’s (November) edition of British Farmer & Grower magazine, we take a look at the NFU’s work to tackle this issue, what to do if you are affected by poaching and why it's vital that the public report this crime to the police.

The NFU is working closely with other organisations and police forces to tackle poaching, and is part of the Poaching Priority Delivery Group (England & Wales).

One of the initiatives of the Poaching Priority Delivery Group (E&W) is Project Trespass. Under the umbrella of Project Trespass, Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire Police - in partnership with the Angling Trust, Environment Agency (EA) and Fish Health Inspectorate (FHI) - are launching Operation TRAVERSE to target illegal fishing and fish theft in Fenland.

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