Rural groups launch new snaring code


The UK’s leading rural groups have launched their new code of practice on the use of snares for fox control in England.

The 12-page code is a collaboration between the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, Countryside Alliance, the National Gamekeepers’ Organisation, the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, the Moorland Association, the CLA, the Tenant Farmers Association and the National Farmers Union.

It provides advice on snare design and snare deployment, in light of the latest research and technological developments.

The code is aimed at those who use snares in the English countryside and seeks to improve animal management and conservation in fox control while minimising the risk to non-target species.

It sets out the legal requirements (Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981, Deer Act 1991 and Animal Welfare Act 2006), and it updates best practice advice to guide farmers, gamekeepers and other land managers.

It advises that snares should only be used if the alternatives are impractical, or would not be effective. It emphasises that snares must be used responsibly and that set snares must be regularly inspected.

Andrew Clark, NFU director of policy, said: “It is crucial that farmers can control certain species for the benefit of agricultural production, animal husbandry, game management and the conservation of wildlife. The code provides clear and practical advice to ensure those who use snares do so effectively and humanely.

“The code will help improve snare operator practice by providing clear and practical advice on how to comply with the law and best practice. This will in turn ensure improved standards in animal welfare and reduce the impact on non-target species.”

Last edited on: 20:10:2016

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