Safe use of drones in the UK - NFU consultation response

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The NFU has responded to the Department for Transport's consultation on the safe use of drones in the UK. This consultation aims to start setting the steps for the future of the drone industry amid concerns that the current regulations are not keeping pace with the rapid expansion of the drone sector. 

Compulsory registration for drones over a certain weight, better enforcement of regulations, and more power for landowners are among calls from the NFU, alongside calls for more flexibility for on-farm testing and innovation for commercial users. 

NFU Vice President, Guy Smith, said: "Drones pose an exciting opportunity to add another tool to the farmer’s toolbox, with potential applications such as yield mapping, moisture detection, and spraying to name a few. 

"However, as their usage has increased, so have reports from our members of their misuse and so we are pleased to see the government take the first steps to address the numerous issues they can cause. 

"We want to see this consultation setting the path towards responsible drone use whilst ensuring that drones remain accessible to farmers wishing to stay at the cutting edge of competitiveness."

We would like to thank those of you who sent in your views or otherwise had input to this consultation.  

Members can read the NFU response in full here.

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