Important information when calling the Crimestoppers hotline

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If you witness a rural crime, trained agents are ready to answer your call and listen to what you know. They do not use scripts or prompts, but are trained to make sure they get all the information needed to help police with their investigations.

When making the call, certain details can be very useful in helping to identify the people assisting the crime and whether it is a one off incident, or something that is ongoing.

If possible, try to provide the following information when making the call:

  • What is the crime, e.g. livestock theft
  • Who committed/is committing the crime, e.g. names, visual description
  • Where is the crime taking place
  • Address of the person committing the offence (if known)
  • Registration number of any vehicles being used (if known)
  • Information about anyone else who is present/assisting the crime

All calls made to the reporting line are 100% anonymous. You do not need to give any personal information.

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