NFU supports farmers on the Norfolk Boreas Offshore Windfarm Scheme

A picture of turbines at an offshore wind farm

The NFU represents members’ concerns in the hearing for the Development Consent Order.

The Norfolk Boreas Offshore Wind Farm is proposed to provide up to 180 wind turbines and an electrical export capacity of up to 1,800MW. The project would be located approximately 73km from the coast of Norfolk. A 45-metre-wide ‘cable corridor’ will connect the project from landfall near Happisburgh to a substation at Necton, 60km away.

The formal examination for the Development Consent Order for the Norfolk Boreas project commenced on the 12 November 2019. The NFU has made a number of written submissions to the examiners, on behalf of around 30 affected members. The examination period has now been extended to the 12th October 2020, providing further opportunities to make representations.

The NFU represented farmers’ interests at the virtual examination hearing which took place on 15 July 2020. Outstanding issues were raised to the examination panel including:

• The design of the substation at Necton – seeking to minimise impact and ensure that the relevant landowners are properly consulted.

• The cumulative impact of the Norfolk Vanguard, Norfolk Boreas and Hornsea 3 schemes – The NFU is seeking that the schemes are constructed in a way to keep the cumulative impact on agricultural land and landowners to a minimum.

• Private water supplies – The NFU is seeking a commitment that if a water supply is adversely or directly affected by the construction works, then the developer will either find an alternative supply or pay for the cost of an alternative.

• Notice periods for entry for the temporary use of land – The NFU would like to see as much notice given to farmers as possible to allow the farming business to adapt and plan accordingly. The NFU have requested that the 14 days’ notice currently included in the Development Consent Order be extended to 28 days.

You can read the NFU’s representations in the latest Statement of Common Ground here.

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