NFU takes glyphosate is vital message to Brussels

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The NFU took the glyphosate is vital message to Brussels when Senior Regulatory Affairs Adviser Chris Hartfield gave a presentation to a Copa Cogeca meeting including representatives of a number of European farming bodies.

Dr Hartfield highlighted the range of lobbying work the NFU is doing to ensure MPs and MEPs are aware of the importance of glyphosate, its safety, the environmental benefits it brings and the current threat to its future use.

He also talked about the social media work the NFU and its members have done and the importance of farmers’ voices being heard in the debate about the future of glyphosate to show decision makers that there is a vociferous lobby which supports its reauthorisation.

Dr Hartfield said: “The NFU has been leading the way with the lobbying work its members have done with MPs and MEPs, and the social media content members have created and shared, but this is a Europe-wide issue so the more voices we can get involved, the more impact the lobbying will have.

“The hope is that sharing what we have done to highlight the importance, safety and benefits of glyphosate to British politicians with these European groups will help with their lobbying work."

Find out more about glyphosate and the NFU's lobbying work here.

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