Complete the NIAB Cabbage Stem Flea Beetle Survey 2019

cabbage stem flea beetle damage, crop_35087
NIAB are conducting a UK wide survey into the effects of cabbage stem flea beetle on the increasingly difficult challenge of growing oilseed rape – share your experiences now!

NIAB is building on survey data from 2018 to map the spread and intensity of rape damage by cabbage stem flea beetle. Whether you have had little or no grazing damage, complete crop write-offs or have consciously decided against rape cropping for the time being, your views and experiences are an essential tool to tackling the problem.

This year’s survey also covers other factors affecting crop establishment, such as drought, slugs and pigeons, as well as companion cropping.

Once you have followed the link, you will be asked to zoom in on the map and locate coloured response pins on individual fields and answer a brief survey. As soon as you have entered your data, the map will come to life with all the pins entered up to that point. You can re-visit to see how the picture evolves as often as you like. You can make entries for as many of your fields as you like.

For any help, please contact:

Simon Kightley – 01223 342339

Cheryl Turnbull – 01223 342291

Charles Gentry – 01223 242499

  • Posted by: clare LeggottPosted on: 05/11/2019 16:01:03

    Comment: I have just filled in the OSR survey and cannot help but feel angry at a ridiculous decision made without any scientific justification resulting in the removal of a flowering crop considered valuable by bee keepers and potentially shutting down the UK OSR crusher, which seems even more ludicrous when neonictinoid treated seed was used to grow OSR being imported into this Country to offset the loss of crop here

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