CSFB samples needed to measure resistance & parasitism rates

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Rothamsted Research is asking farmers for samples of adult cabbage stem flea beetle (CSFB) to study resistance to pyrethroids and parasitism rates, particularly those farmers in the North East, North West and Yorkshire.

The organisation is interested in parasitism rates as a newly discovered parasitoid wasp may offer a level of biological control for CSFB.

The ideal sample size is around 250 adult CSFB but, if your harvest is relatively unscathed, samples of 50 can be submitted and will be tested for pyrethroid resistance only.

In return for the samples, the researchers will provide farmers with the resistance/parasitism level of the sample submitted, as well as data on the national averages for comparison.

If you would like to help, more information on the research and the sampling protocol can be found here and the sampling form can be found here.

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