Dispose of your unwanted pesticides for free


Severn Trent Water has launched a pesticide amnesty scheme in selected catchments enabling farmers and growers to safely dispose of unwanted chemicals, pesticides and biocides free of charge. 

Do you qualify?

  1. Check your pesticide store for unwanted or expired pesticides/chemicals.
  2. Check if any of your land is within our eligible catchments –see below.
  3. Contact ChemClearto arrange collection during the STW two week contact period . See contact details below.

Don‘t delay! This is a limited offer available on a first come, first served basis. Contact Severn Trent between 15 February and 15 March 2018.

To check if your farm falls within a Severn Trent Water priority catchment please contact your local STW Agricultural Advisor: https://www.stwater.co.uk/catchment

Catchment areas

The STW Pesticide Amnesty is currently offered to the following catchments:

Haseley Springs04
Lower Derwent06
Middle Severn08
Shropshire Middle Severn09
Upper Derwent12
Worcestershire Middle Servern14
Notts BHs (Boughton, Rufford, Bestwood, Amen Corner, Budby)18

If you qualify for Severn Trent Water's pesticide amnesty please contact ChemClear (contact details below) during the STW four week opening period (15 February  - 15 March 2018). Please note this is the contact period not the collection period. At the end of this four week window Chemclear will assess your disposal request and arrange collection at a time that suits you. Information exchanged between landowners and ChemClear will remain confidential.

Please have the following information available when you contact ChemClear:

  • Catchment Name and code (see table above)
  • Product name
  • Active ingredient and concentration
  • Weight or volume of product in their containers
  • Collection address &c ontact details for farmers-two phone numbers and an email address
  • Maximum Pesticide Collection Limit per farm:75Litres

Contact ChemClear:

David Brown, ChemclearLtd

Tel: 07436077304

Email: chemclearltdamnesty@gmail.com

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